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    Generals Advance to 13th Regional Tournament

    By Coach Greg Parrett
    On February 24th, The Generals went to the Jungle to take on the Jaguars of North Laurel in a first round 49th district match-up. This game was an elimination game meaning loser goes to the house until next season. The Generals got off to a great start behind the Guard play of senior Jacob Hammons. Hammons dropped 12 points in the first quarter to give the Generals a `19-11 lead. The talented Jags played hard and managed to win the second quarter 14-11 with Hammons dropping 10 of the Generals points for a total of 22 in the first half to give the Generals a 30-25 edge. The Generals got the third quarter rolling with a three pointer by freshman Tanner Harris to scoot the lead to eight. Zach Lawson picked up where Hammons left off dropping 12 points of his own in the third to give the Generals a 9 point lead 55-46 heading into the fourth. The two superstars Peyton Broughton and Isaiah Collier heated up in the fourth as they played for their lives dropping a combined 23 points on the Generals and winning the fourth 27-21.

    Sheriff Warns to be Wary of Scams

    By Sheriff Paul Hays
    If you think something is too good to be true, DON'T BELIEVE IT. A very good citizen called me recently to report he had received a call telling him he had just won over two million dollars with Publishers Clearing House. They told him to send $1500.00 to fill an identity bond and he would receive the money. Fortunately, he knew this was a scam to steal money from him and reported the incident to me. The phone number of the caller indicated he was from outside the country. The information was forwarded to the FBI and Secret Service. Many people throughout our country are being ripped off by outlaws such as the ones who called this man. Don't fall prey to this kind of scam. If you send the money, you can be sure the money will be gone forever. If you give any identifying information, your bank account and all your financial information may be compromised.