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    Jackson County Works To Recover From Floods

    By Judge Executive Shane Gabbard
    Ice, Snow, now Flooding? That has been the wild weather the last couple weeks. How do I describe the days after a major emergency? The word I best think suits my answer would be "Recovery." When you think of the word recovery you automatically think of someone that has been battling an addiction and has made a life changing turn around. However, there is another definition or type of recovery. The word recovery is defined by Websters dictionary as the act or an instance of recovering, an economic upturn, a comeback or to bring back to normal. In other words, the Fiscal Court is in recovery mode right now. We are looking at what we did right during this emergency, what we didnít do right, what we can do better and what we can learn from. Things could have been so much worse during that week of wild weather than what they were. It was very ruff for many people and I am sure they are like us and hope that we donít see another ice storm in many years. I donít believe the sun has ever been as warming or as welcome as it was during the middle of last week.

    Early Morning Shooting Puts McKee Man Behind Bars

    By Sheriff Paul Hays
    In an early morning shooting resulted in a McKee man being arrested and lodged in the Jackson County Detention Center. According to a uniform citation, Detective Lakes, Kentucky State Police Post 7 Richmond, reported on Monday, March 1, at approximately 7:31 am. Mark Mays and his wife, Bonnetta, Pilgrims Rest Road, McKee, were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical when Mays allegedly grabbed his wife by the hair and pulled her through their residence.