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    County Works To Complete Road Repairs

    By Judge Executive Shane Gabbard
    In the past six years of being a public servant, I have had several requests. The majority of the requests have been for issues on county roads. That is why I talk so much about them. It seems to be the main concern of the majority of citizens in our county. We have over 600 road miles in Jackson County that is maintained in some way, form or, fashion. This is no doubt why I have so many requests. The public drives them everyday and many are getting in bad shape. The last few years of flooding and heavy rain at times have caused many issues on our roads. We currently have three major slides that need repaired in different areas of the county. The cost to repair these three slides will be in the neighborhood of $350,000. That is just an estimate based on what I believe will be used in materials. The price of gravel and asphalt is going up but, unfortunately, revenue to maintain roads is not. In the 2020 Fiscal year, our road budget was cut from the state approximately $300,000. That was devastating to say the least. We are still paying road maintenance bills from 2019 because of that cut. The Covid-19 pandemic affected travel in such a way that people were just not on the road as much in the early stages of the pandemic. Road funds come from motor fuel sales tax and when people are not traveling, they are not buying gas so naturally revenue from fuel sales go down. That is the reason for the cuts to counties across the state.

    Sheriff Shares Thoughts on Mothers Day

    By Sheriff Paul Hays
    I remember as a young boy, when I got up early to go to school, my mother had prepared biscuits with molasses, bacon and eggs with cold milk, to fill us up before we left for school. She had already been up for hours to fix our food and begin the long day of washing all the clothes for the family. Later the same evening, I came home to find clothes hanging on the old fence all away around our house and down the driveway. She stopped long enough to fix our dinner and continued working until we all went to bed that night. I never heard my mom complain about all the work she did. I never remember a day when we missed any meal and I never recall a time when I was not welcome in our home, even after I got married. Mom was one of the greatest people I ever knew! Likely many feel the same about their Mom. What a blessing it is to have a good, decent, hard-working lady to call Mom! This week we celebrate Mother's Day. My Mom has passed on, but I still remember. If your mother is still with you today, take time to thank her and to let her know you appreciate all the hard work she has done for you and your family. Happy Mother's Day to all!