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    Annual Festival of Hope to Be Held Saturday

    Story Submitted
    Finally the week of the "Festival of Hope's" county event is now here! Are you ready? Are your plans made to be there? Have you bought your candles? Made your donations? Entered the dog show? Readied yourself for the mule pull? Supported your teams? If not--time is running out for this year! Lots of exciting things will be going on Saturday, September 13, 2014, at the Gray Hawk Park. There is something for everybody to enjoy! Live entertainment will be provided by the Burns Family performing gospel music and the Kirby Knob Boys with their bluegrass band, a treat for everybody's ears. Youíll be able to eat Darrell & Louise Combsís famous pork sandwiches, along with all kinds of food from the teams. Many more things will be happening from 10:00 am to 10:00pm. Don't forget the survivor's walk, as some of you join your families to celebrate, plus the candlelight ceremony at dark, which is very beautiful!

    Police Department Makes Drug Related Arrests During Wee

    Story Submitted
    In a report from Jackson County Police Department Chief Lynn Goforth, his department has made several drug related arrests in the past week. On Saturday, September 6th while he was on patrol in the Kerby Knob area in the northern part of the county, he observed a vehicle parked at the Kerby Knob Baptist church at approximately 10:30pm. According to Goforth he approached the vehicle, which was driven by Deborah Wagers (Nicole Wagers), and saw her passenger Korey Johnson attempting to hide something in the vehicle. Goforth said there was a strong odor of marijuana in or about the vehicle and a partially smoked marijuana cigarette in the floor board of the vehicle. According to Goforth, Wagers and Johnson both stated they had been smoking marijuana. After he gained consent to search Wagers person and vehicle Wagers 21, McKee, was arrested and was charged with possession of marijuana and public intoxication controlled substance (excludes alcohol).