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    Annville Man Arrest by Laurel Co Sheriff's Office

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    In a report from Laurel County Sheriff John Root, he said that on Monday, May 24, at approximately 9:09 pm, K-9 Shift Sergeant Gary Mehler arrested Ernie Ray Bratcher, 35 years old of Medlock Lane, Annville, on drug and other charges. Root said the arrest occurred at the intersection of Langnau Road and Johnson Road, approximately seven miles east of London, following the pursuit of a black colored Yamaha motorcycle operated by Bratcher. Sgt. Mehler reported that he observed a motorcycle traveling on U.S. 25 south of London, who upon observing Sgt. Mehler's patrol vehicle began driving extremely recklessly passing vehicles in the center turn lane and driving at a very high rate of speed north bound on U.S. 25. In addition, it was noted that the motorcycle nearly struck a vehicle at an intersection as it traveled out Johnson Road (KY 472) and continued driving recklessly passing vehicles in no passing zones and blind curves at high rates of speed.

    Annville Man Flees on Foot

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    In a uniform citation, with Sheriff Paul Hays being the officer's signature, an Annville man was arrested and charged with two drug related offenses. The report stated that when Probation Officers Jack Vance and Justin Riggs did a home visit on David Edward Coffey, 46 years of age of Oak Lane, Annville, he was found sitting in his vehicle. Coffey fled on foot for approximately one half a mile before he was caught by Vance, who utilized OC spray to bring him under control. When Coffey was searched, contingent to arrest, Vance located a black glasses case and inside the case the officers found a glass meth smoking pipe, two needles and approximately two grams of suspected Methamphetamine.