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    State Officials Announce Dentistry Recruitment Plan

    Story Submitted
    MCKEE, Ky.(July 20, 2015) - Governor Steve Beshear and Congressman Hal Rogers joined public health and university officials today to announce a new dentist recruitment program aimed at promoting sustained oral health and well-being in eastern Kentucky. The new loan forgiveness program is supported by $500,000 in state funds and is available for dental students who practice in the region. The dental schools at the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville will administer the program, providing two to five awardees $100,000 each for a two-year commitment. “Reversing the oral health issues facing eastern Kentucky has been a major goal of mine throughout my administration,” Gov. Beshear said. “The vast majority of both childhood and adult dental problems could be avoided through routine dental care and other preventive efforts. This unique program and partnership will truly expand dental hygiene and help counter oral disease as a major health risk for our people.”

    15-16 Budget Topic of Council Meeting

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter/Staff Writer
    The McKee City Council held their regular meeting on Monday, July 20th, 2015. The meeting was called to order by Mayor John Tompkins with all council members present. The first item on the agenda was 2015-2016 budget. There have been several workshops working toward the new budget; however, at this time they continue to operate under the approved budget from last year. Councilman Robert Gabbard introduced a proposal to reduce the insurance tax within the city as a means to draw businesses and residents to the city. In years past, an insurance tax was imposed at a rate of 10% on all insurance policies written within the city limits and 1.5 % is added as a collection fee making the total 11.5 %. Councilman Gabbard stated that he felt this rate is oppressive for businesses and individuals alike. Gabbard told the council, “Insurance in Jackson County is one of the highest rates in Ky., adding a tax on top of that is an extreme we must rectify. The county rate is 5% and we need to match that, anything below that rate will be collected by the county up to 5% and the county has assured me they do not intend an increase."