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    McKee Man Arrested After Fleeing KSP

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    In a uniform citation from Kentucky State Police Post 7, a McKee man was arrested and charged with seven charges including fleeing or evading police, 1st degree (motor vehicle). KSP Trooper Ralph Bowling said while he was sitting on KY 3630 in the Bond area of the county, Monday, November 9, when he observed at approximately 11:00 pm, a dark colored vehicle exit Asa Flat Road into the parking lot of Jackson County Discount Grocery and continue on to KY 3630 without stopping and without using a turn signal. Bowling said he caught up with the vehicle near the intersection of KY 3630 and Pond Lick Road which at that time he initiated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle failed to stop and turned onto Pond Lick Road accelerating his vehicle in an attempt to get away from the officer.

    Judge Executive Wishes County a Happy Thanksgiving

    Story Submitted
    November brings the season of many changes. It starts with the weather and then the beautiful fall colors followed by the winter snow. It also brings on the end of daylight savings time. This results in a naturally slower time. Many people like the changes that come in November and many don’t, but let me encourage you to stop and look for something good. It’s so easy with everything going on in our world today to focus on what’s went wrong instead of what’s went right. How do I do that you might ask? It starts with slowing down. This Thanksgiving let me encourage you to slow down. I know 2020 has been crazy and so life changing for many but you can still be thankful for something in your life. My family has had many ups and downs this year but just being able to see them, talk to them and know they are alive helps me to be thankful. Instead of saying “Why” I choose to say “Wow” look at how fortunate and blessed I am to have them still with me. I encourage you to make this Thanksgiving what they used to be about many years ago, a time to reflect on just how fortunate we are with what we have been given.