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    Jackson Energy Working to Avoid Outages

    Story Submitted
    Winter weather can not only lead to icy road conditions, but can result in falling tree limbs and power outages. Jackson Energy crews always work to restore power as quickly and safely as possible when there is a power outage. Crews are always on call to restore service and we also have a plan for getting the power back on during a major storm, said Jackson Energy Manager of Member Services Karen Combs. Power has to be restored to the substations first. When power isnít coming from the substation, there is no power to feed the lines that bring electricity to your home. When the substations are back on line, power is restored to large, three-phase lines that bring electricity into the area.

    Judge Executive Happy As Fiscal Year Hits Halfway

    By Judge Executive Shane Gabbard
    January has started off with a busy agenda for me. We are halfway through our Fiscal Year and things are going relatively smooth. The Budget and Finance Committees met this past Wednesday and looked over the budget and finances effecting the County. We still are not receiving Reimbursement from Kentucky EM/CSEPP for operation of the EOC/911 Center. This puts an added burden on us that I am told from CSEPP officials will not be lifted until something is done in the case of the former Treasurer. I have met with FBI officials as of late and expect something soon but have no timeline because of the ongoing investigation. Neither myself nor the Fiscal Court have any control over that, but we are 100% cooperative in their efforts. We need this issue resolved though because we cannot stand anything else being cut out of our budget.