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    Jackson County Starts its New Normal

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    As the county begins to open, we are seeing a “new normal” throughout our area. According to Judge Executive Shane Gabbard, there are certain guidelines that must be followed for each office that has opened. Judge Executive Gabbard said, “We will practice social distancing. We will only allow two people in the sheriff’s office and the clerk’s office at a time. The only entrance to the courthouse will be the front door. We realize that can present an inconvenience for many. However, currently, we feel it is necessary and due to the front entrance being the handicap entrance. We encourage anyone doing business in the courthouse to please wear a mask for the safety of the employees as well as your own. We are sanitizing on a regular basis and have sanitizer stations set up. These are difficult times for all of us and we appreciate your patience and understanding, Gabbard said. As far as the Judge Executive’s office, it will remain closed to the public at this time. However, my staff is working and due to my helping the magistrates, I am in and out.”

    Recovery Continues for Jackson Manor in Annville

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter
    In an interview with Jackson County Judge Executive Shane Gabbard on Monday, June 1, Jackson Manor Nursing Home in Annville is now seeing relief as the residents are now healing from the COVID-19 virus. They have had multiple celebrations at the facility for each one that’s recovered from the coronavirus. He said he visited the nursing home last week and personally saw the relief firsthand. The staff and the residents were very excited as if they get to step back and take a deep breath and say okay, we’ve made it through the worse of this storm. Gabbard said as the Judge Executive in our county, I am very excited and happy to know that our people in the community that have gone through so much and so much uncertainty are now recovering. When your people are hurting, you are hurting with them. When they are happy, you are happy with them. Transitioning into a sense of being hopeful from being hopeless is a big step and saying hey we made it through this. We are a resilient people and we are going to be fine. If anything, else, people in Jackson County are now more educated on what they need to do to protect their family and take care of their elderly.