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    Friday Fire Claims Three McKee Businesses

    Story By Sue Caldwell, Reporter/Staff Writer
    In a report from City of McKee Fire Chief Donnie Gabbard, at 5:29pm on Friday, August 22nd, McKee received a tone that smoke was coming out of Harrison's Barber Shop on Main Street South. Upon his arrival the smoke was very heavy and fire was coming through the front windows. McKee Fire Department started the attack from outside until their firefighters were suited up to make an inside attack. As soon as four firefighters got on their gear two went inside and knocked some of the fire down. Gabbard said due to the tire store and the flower shop he asked dispatch to do a county wide tone. He asked the assistant chief to roll the ladder truck so they could do an attack from the top of the building. They first cut a ventilation hole in the roof; however, they found the barber shop section had about three different roofs. They pulled the ceiling down the best they could and got to some of the fire, but by this time everyone was getting very hot, due not only to the fire, but the temperature and humidity from the day's weather.

    Local Couple Arrested on Drug Related Charges

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter/Staff Writer
    In a press release from the London Police Department on Thursday August 14th at approximately 9:00 pm, Officers from the London Police Department responded to a complaint at Wal-Mart regarding a female subject who appeared to be intoxicated and was falling asleep while shopping. When K-9 Officer Turner arrived at the location and made contact with the female, identified as Carol Lakes, Officer Turner was able to determine that Lakes was under the influence. When Turner asked if anyone was with her, she replied that her boyfriend was out in the car. Officer Turner was joined at the scene by Officer Cloyd. The officers were able to locate her boyfriend, Ronald Lewis, who was asleep in the driverís seat of the vehicle. As the officers were identifying themselves to Lewis, Lakes began to open the passenger side door. At this time, Lewis reached and grabbed a baggie and attempted to toss it behind the front seat.