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    County Among Top Leaders in Census Effort

    Story Submitted
    On Monday, Jackson County became the first county in the Southeastern region of Kentucky to hold its first Complete Count Committee (CCC) Meeting for the 2020 Census. We are only the 3rd county in the entire state to establish and hold an introductory CCC meeting. On June 14, 2018, we reported on the initial efforts to establish Jackson Counties CCC. We are happy to now report on the great progress made by county leaders. Dustin Isaacs – who grew up in Sand Gap, and graduated Jackson County High School in 2010 - currently serves on the State Committee for the 2020 Census. He is a Liaison with Governor Matt Bevin’s office and was appointed to the State Committee earlier this year. He attended the June 14, 2018 Fiscal Court meeting where he encouraged the county to establish its CCC. He has spent the past several months providing his attention to Jackson County and other Southeastern Kentucky Counties.

    JCPS Has Three Schools Receive Highest Designation

    Story Submitted
    Last week, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) released the 2017-18 student assessment results. Kentucky continues to transition to a new accountability system; consequently, many of the accountability measures have changed or have been revised. This year, elementary schools and middle schools were measured by their performance on three indicators; proficiency, separate academic, and growth. The proficiency indicator measures student performance on K-Prep reading and math assessments. The separate academic indicator measures student performance on K-Prep science, social studies, and writing on-demand assessments. The growth indicator measures students’ current year progress toward proficiency in reading and math and takes into account the projected likelihood that the students will achieve proficiency within the next two years. High schools were also measured on three indicators: proficiency, transition readiness, and graduation rate. The proficiency indicator measures student performance in reading and math on the grade 11 state administration of the ACT college entrance exam. The transition readiness indicator measures the percentage of graduates who earned a high school diploma and met the requirements for one type of readiness (Academic or Career).