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    Man Flown to UK Hospital After Accident

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter/Staff Writer
    According to a spokesperson at the University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington, as of press time, a Tyner man is listed in fair condition after being involved in a one vehicle accident on Saturday, November 22nd at approximately 1:00pm. In a report from Jackson County Police Department LT. Keith Berry, the investigating officer said, Larry Smith 47, HWY 30 East Tyner, was traveling West on Terrells Creek Road, 8 miles South of Annville, when he ran off the left hand side of the roadway and his Black 1997 Chevrolet extended cab pick-up truck struck a tree head on. A witness at the scene said he was one of the first to find Smith. He told the officer the driver did not have a seat belt on and he saw open beer cans in the vehicle. The witness stated he touched Smith and he woke up. He also said, according to the report, Smith had a bottle of pain pills in his hand and there was no one else in or around the vehicle when he arrived.

    Planning Phase for Trail Town Begins

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter/Staff Writer
    In an interview with Trail Towns Chairman Robert Gabbard, on Monday, November 24th, he said, "After receiving approval to accept the grant from the City of McKee Mayor Tompkins and the City Council last week, I have been quite busy putting the plan into action." Gabbard continued, “What we have at the moment is a concept we have not reduced to a paper plan. Let me explain it this way, let's assume there is no wheel and I'm giving you a wheel to do with whatever you wish. The possibilities are endless and so it is with the village. We are limited only by our imagination, so rather than me or anyone individual deciding it's eventual use everyone should have a chance at contributing to the design. Then we will take the best of the ideals and move forward.” Gabbard went on to say, “In days to come we will have a site plan with a good description of the intent. Along with that we are working on a model of the village and what it would look like. The Appalachian/Native American Village should serve as an inspiration for other ideas and spawn other activities. In other words, it will serve as a catalyst for all the other activities that occur beyond that.”