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    Veterans Hold Memorial Ceremony at New Park

    Submitted by Bob Gabbard
    The first rule in design is ‘’Form follows function.’’ The function was respect, honor and recognition to all Veterans, form was an inspirational place to reflect and in some measure provide sanctity and assuage memories of battles past whose indelible pictures remain ever present in the souls of our soldiers. All too often we take for granted the services provided by these men and women in behalf of all Americans risking their life to assure peace and tranquility at home at an incalculable cost.

    Memorial Day Weekend Keeps Sheriff’s Office Busy

    Courtesy of Sheriff Paul Hays
    The Memorial Day weekend was filled with issues of every kind. On Saturday evening, Mr. James Woolery of 9650 McKee Road, Drip Rock, KY failed to return home after a long day ATV riding in the Station Camp Creek area of Jackson and Estill County. His wife became concerned and reported him as missing. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office and a large group of volunteers from Jackson County Rescue and the EMS Coordinator responded to organize with adjacent county rescue personnel in search of James Woolery. After many hours of searching, Mr. Woolery was located on Rader Ridge in Estill County. Reportedly he became disoriented as he tried to find his way home and overturned his ATV in a creek, fracturing his pelvis, femur and some ribs. Mr. Woolery was transported to the hospital where he was treated and released. Mr. and Mrs. Woolery was very appreciative of all the people who spent a large portion of their Memorial Day weekend searching for Mr. Woolery. Their effort reflects very highly upon both themselves and Jackson County.