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    JCHS 2016 Prom an Event to Remember

    Story Submitted
    The Jackson County High School Prom had a roaring good time Saturday April 30th, partying like it was the 1920's with over 250 attendees. The prom's theme was The Great Gatsby, based on the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel and modern movie starring Leonardo DeCaprio. The prom was held at Jackson County High School where the art department and teacher Mellissa Anderson who worked tirelessly turned the cafeteria into a ritzy Ballroom in which was decorated in gold and black complete with lighted acrobats! The evening included a gourmet bar catered by teacher Angie Carrol and the Home Ed. Department Students! Fountains flowed with mock champagne and ordure's of sugar coated grapes fitting of the time period portrayed! Large trays of just baked white macadamia & chocolate chip cookies, dip and potato chips, lined the serving table.

    Prom Promise Held To Remind Students of Safety

    By Kernel Banks, Reporter
    Each year, for the past several years, The Jackson County High School supports a mock accident scene. Jackson County Department of Emergency Services, Jackson County Emergency Medical Services, City of McKee Volunteers, Fire and Rescue, Sand Gap Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Gray Hawk Fire and Rescue, Pond Creek Fire and Rescue, Jackson County Sheriff's Department, Constable Johnny Peters, Constable Steve Gill, Lakes Funeral Home, Ray Hagan Flight Paramedic with Air Evac brings together this mock accident the day before Prom. This year’s Prom Promise was an unrehearsed scenario involving a motorcycle and a two passenger vehicle loaded with prom dates. The scene was also a reminder of a time of loss and a time of sadness in the county. A sudden loss of long time volunteer firefighter. Chaplain Kernel Banks opened the Prom Promise with a moment of silence in remembrance of Fire Fighter Howard Russell. Banks spoke for a couple of moments on how one acts in a moment and twinkling of an eye as a person's mortal life can be taken from the body.