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    Jackson County Fair Set to Kick Off August 29th

    By Judge Executive Shane Gabbard
    The past couple of weeks have had its share of tragedies. There has been a lot of death in our community as well as Nationwide. People have experienced everything from flooding to unexpected death as well as terrorism. Our support goes out to our Men and Women in the Armed Forces. They deserve the right to protect themselves and it is my hope that our leaders wake up and realize that we can't dismiss the problems that our Nation is facing. The enemy is surrounding us on our own turf and is like a raging lion looking for his next victim. We have been in prayer for families that are suffering and will continue to do so. In the midst of all the bad news I would like to share some good news. The Jackson County Fair will begin August 29th and run all the way unto September 5th.

    Officials Check for Safety After Accident at Gas Pump

    By Sue Caldwell, Reporter/Staff Writer
    According to Brian Murray, Owner of Annville Town and Country Shell, It could have been much worse! Last Wednesday afternoon, July 22nd, after Jacob Anderson had gotten diesel in a tractor at the store. He accidentally hit and knocked over a gas dispenser while trying to back his tractor away from the pump to allow another vehicle to get fuel. Murry said, he didn't realize his front wheels were cut too deep, which caused the bucket loader to hit the dispenser, which then fell on top of the passenger side of another vehicle driven by Wendy Joseph of London. Joseph who was getting ready to get gas, was pre-paying inside the store at the time of the incident. If the accident had happened a minute later, Joseph could have been seriously injured Murray said. Thankfully no one was injured.